Our Philosophy

The primary focus of USSSA Baseball is the development of programs
that allow teams of all skill levels to compete against one another.
USSSA believes the overall development of all players can be enchanced by the experience and fun of national tournament play. Majors and AAA
programs are national programs that culminate in a World Series.
The AA program is a regional program ran by the participating states that culminates at a National tournament. The A level is for recreational teams
and is at a state level only

Classsification guidelines - State Directors determine actual classification

Major Division - The top competitive teams in the country
AAA Division - Middle of the pack competitive teams.
AA Division - Teams that have restricted rosters, draft players, or play the recreational level
A Division - Recreational League teams only

Our Mission
USSSA's mission is to be the most visibly recognized, technologically advanced, professionally represented sports organization in the world.

We will achieve this success by an uncompromising commitment to meeting the needs of the Teams, Coaches, Sponsors, Park Owners and Fans. As an organization our attitude is that team / player sponsor / fan satisfaction is everything.

Our Sponsors

• Combat Sports
• Demarini
• Easton
• Louisville Slugger
• Marucci
• Miken
• Legal Shield
•New Era
•Metro Pins
•Go Bean
•The Air Travel Group