2023 Skills Competition Registration

Base Running  

Max (3) Players

Fastest around the bases.

One second deduction for a missed base

Around the Horn

(5) Players
A catcher will start with the first throw to the third base- touch bag.

Third base throw to Second base- touch bag. Second Base throws to First Base - touch bag,

First Base throws to Home - Cather touches home plate with the ball & glove, Catcher throws to Shortstop covering second base - touch bag.

Shortstop throws Home, and Catcher - touches the plate with the ball & glove.

Home Run Derby

Max (2) Players

Provide your own pitcherRules Bat used must be age-appropriate The team coach pitches 8 pitches (1) round

Accuracy Throw

Max (3) Players from each team.

5 balls are thrown at a target board

Target Distance
40ft (8U -9U) 50ft (10U-12U 60ft (13U-14U)

5 throws best score wins

Individual Registration $15
One Event Only
Team  Registration $95
It is recommended that players participate in one event.
 All events take place at the same time.
We do not need the names of each player.